Friday, November 23, 2012

Substitution method

 “I hope that you all had an incredible time with your families yesterday on the Thanks given day.” Today going back to my notes I was reviewing one of the problems that deal with substitution, I worked this problem at the Success Center couple days ago. This problem was for math 120 and this type of problem is quite similar to those in Calculus 220. Is surprising that they require the same process to get to the answer and how the substitution is helping us to achieve the goal that we are after.
Here is the pic. Of this quadratic that involves negative exponents.


  1. What is the substitution method and why did you use it to help solve this equation?

    1. Substitution method: is giving a variable the value of either one term or multiple terms that consequently have a value that can be transcribed as one value. The substitution as you see in this particular problem is very helpful, because the polynomial is not being presented as we normally see them with positive exponent and also because the two exponents are different. We can arrange the problem to make it look like a polynomial simply by applying variables. The solution is simply to treat the problem as a quadratic function and solving for the variable. In these situations the solution could be one or two, how do we check to see which one is the correct answer? Simply by replacing the variables by the found answers and this implies establishing a true statement.